Creation Contains Copious Evidence God Exists

Green Ring Nebula

“He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite.” — Psalm 147:4-5

I’ve been sharing some of the things I’ve found in my search for truth that seem to be evidence that God exists. Today I’d like to ask you to consider the world around you.

Complexity With Precision

When we look at creation around us we see something that is infinitely complex and amazingly precise. Random chance can produce complexity. But basic probability analysis indicates that random systems break down and get less precise with increased complexity.

Yet so much of the universe around us seems to maximize complexity and precision at the same time. Instead of pointing to the randomness of a theoretical “Big Bang” explosion, this would seem to indicate some degree of planning, design or intentionality behind the universe.

And logically it makes sense to conclude that an intentional design requires a designer.

For example, if you’ve ever been far away from the city lights on a clear night and looked up into the starry sky you’ve seen the amazing number of stars in the sky. I’ve spent some time out at sea. You can’t get much further from city lights than being on a ship at sea at night. But I’ve done even better than that.

Back in my navy days I spent many a night in the cockpit of a jet flying up above the clouds at altitude at night. We often joked that on some of those late night patrols we were simply “boring holes in the sky.”

But as a result of that experience I’m here to tell you there are a lot of stars up there.

Yet astronomers were amazed when they started to get the first images of the stars from beyond our planet’s atmosphere back from the Hubble telescope. It turns out many of the points of light that they thought were stars are actually entire galaxies made up of billions of stars. (It’s sort of like a grand infomercial for God, “but wait, there’s more!”)

Suddenly scientists realized that the universe is infinitely more complex than they previously understood.

Here’s what I find really interesting. Even with all that complexity of billions and billions of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies out there, they all move in relationship to one another with amazing precision.

In fact the relative movement between all those uncountable heavenly objects is so precise that it can all be represented in mathematical formula and equations. Today you can even buy a computer program for a few hundred dollars that will show you exactly what stars and planets were where in the sky from any vantage point on the planet at any moment in time from 10,000 years in the past to 10,000 years in the future.

Likewise if you know what time it is you can reference the stars and find out where you are on Earth. I had to do those sort of celestial navigation calculations in my merchant marine days. (Yes I was both a mariner and an aviator. Strange mix, I know.)

To believe that many objects are moving so non-randomly and “unchaoticly” relative to one another as a result of random chance or some massive cosmic explosion takes more faith than I can muster. To my perspective it seems much more reasonable to see the systematic order of the universe as being put into place deliberately by an intelligent designer.

From the Macro to the Micro

Eye Diagram

Our eyes are so incredibly complex that it’s unlikely they came about by random chance.

We can switch from outer space to inner space and I still see the hand of a creator. I was in my eye doctor’s office recently to get my eyes checked. As is common in medical offices he had a poster on the wall explaining how the human eye works.

The human eye is an incredibly complex and precise system that converts light energy into electrical nerve impulses via biomechanical sensors. Then those nerve impulses are interpreted by the brain in astounding detail that can differentiate between the slightest subtle differences in coloration and brightness.

The human eye is so precise that scientists have determined that it can make out the faint glimmer of a candle at 30 miles away.

And that whole visual system is made up of thousands upon thousands of biological cells, many of which have highly specialized structures and functions.

There’s so much precision involved that the tiniest deformation in the shape of the eyeball itself causes our sight to blur and need corrective lenses. The tolerance range for clear sight is incredibly small.

To my perspective that is another of many examples of high precision complex structures happening in nature that point to some kind of intelligent designer rather than a cosmic random accident.

Endless Other Examples

I could go on and on about examples of things in nature that are far too precise to be plausibly caused by random chance.

For example, how is it possible that there is enough information and potential in a acorn to create an entire massive oak tree that can in turn produce thousands of acorns, each of which have the potential to create massive oak trees themselves?

Why do wildebeests spend their whole lives migrating in a circle?

What causes monarch butterflies migrate over 4,000 miles each year?

The elements in the periodic table are of such precise makeup and relationship to one another that scientists were able to theorize the existence of never before seen elements that were later discovered to actually exist. How could these elemental building blocks of the universe be so precise in their makeup and relationship to one another in a universe that came about by random chance?

I could go on all day with questions along these lines. But I believe I’ve made my point.

Creation itself contains a wealth of evidence that points to the existence of God.

This is the third in my series of articles about The Many Reasons I Believe God Exists.


  1. noor added to the conversation

    Assalamualikum Chris. I am Noor ul huda. I just read your article and it has really impressed me. Btw I am Muslim from Pakistan. A friend if mine liked your post which made me read it. Whatever you wrote is so true that despite our religious differences, I have to hit Like at your article. Yes God exists, and those who say he does not, they put a big question mark on their own existence. You have put it in a best way possible.

  2. Gail Crabtree. added to the conversation

    Your communication skills excel, my Friend. Thank you..your “information” always seems a celebration that makes my heart larger somehow.

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