Christmas Candle Movie a Holiday Story

The Christmas Candle Movie

The Christmas Candle is an entertaining story about belief and miracles.

Last night we went to see The Christmas Candle movie based on Max Lucado’s book of the same name.

It’s an entertaining movie about belief that explores the idea of miracles. it’s a period piece set in 1800’s England and is interwoven with some timeless themes such as the the contrast between technological advances and traditional ways of doing things.

One of the big themes in the Christmas Candle is the tension between belief in the supernatural and human reasoning to solve problems.

Entertaining Plot

The main character is a once fiery preacher who has lost his passion and belief that God is still in the miracle business. Fortunately he has not lost his compassion for people and their suffering. So he takes it upon himself to relieve their suffering by resolving their issues.

In the process he makes a thorough mess of things. Fortunately he discovers that God is in fact still in the business of the miraculous and in the end things get sorted out far better than the preacher could have imagined.

Acting & Cinematography

I saw several actors that I recognized from other mainstream films. So for the most part the acting was top notch.

Susan Boyle has a supporting role in this film. Obviously she was there much more for her singing ability, which is beyond amazing, than for her acting ability. I was glad to see that her singing was used very well in the film to support the story instead of the story being built around her singing.

The Christmas Candle movie was filmed on location on the Isle of Man which made a fantastic backdrop for this story.

All in all it was a very enjoyable movie to watch. I thought it was well worth going to see. It was far better than much of what is being churned out by Hollywood these days.

I definitely recommend it.

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